One Firm Providing Customised Logistics Solutions to an Array of Industries

One Firm Providing Customised Logistics Solutions to an Array of Industries

Aditya Shah, Executive Director of V-Trans (India) and CEO of V-Xpress, provides an overview of V-Trans and its basic concept to CargoInsights. V-Trans is an Integrated Logistics solutions provider that provides customised logistics solutions to a variety of sectors. V-Trans offers specialised transportation and supply chain services for industries such as chemical and paints, automotive, Lubricants, pharmaceutical, retail, publishing, consumer durables FMCG, textile and manufacturing, and others. With a vast reach across the country, skill in serving many industries, and over six decades of experience, the group is also distinguished by its diversified services, which include two more verticals. 

V-Xpress, which specialises in doorto-door express logistics, ensuring quick and efficient delivery of time-sensitive shipments; and V-Logis, which specialises in warehouse and 3PL solutions, optimising supply chain management through warehousing, inventory management, and distribution services. The organisation also provides its clients with highly specialised solutions that are rare in the country and meet worldwide standards. 

Leveraging technology 

V-Trans uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve transportation procedures and increase efficiency. IoT-enabled devices are quite useful with the dashcams that we have developed for enhanced safety standards, as well as in predictive fleet maintenance. 

Material Handling Equipment (MHE) also lowers manual labour, while barcode technology provides smooth and error-free freight transportation. GPS or Sim-based tracking allows for real-time monitoring and improved fleet management. These technology developments lead to increased production, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits 

V-Trans provides significant cost effectiveness, sustainability, and overall transportation experience advantages. V-Trans decreases emissions and aids to environmental conservation by introducing CNG vehicles into its fleet force. V-Trans has used a Hub and Spoke concept to improve costeffectiveness. V-Trans decreases transit times and transportation costs by strategically developing hub locations and optimising delivery routes. Customers can monitor their goods thanks to real-time tracking systems and smart logistical solutions. This dedication to operational excellence contributes to a great overall transportation experience, enhancing client satisfaction and trust. 


V-Trans has taken major steps to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Keeping the fleet in good condition and introducing alternative fuel sources such as CNG and zero-emission EVs can help to reduce the carbon footprint. The new infrastructure that we are building is designed to have a net zero impact, with eco-friendly construction materials, solar electricity, and a green environment. Route optimisation is done with the use of GPS to alleviate congestion and optimise the last mile. 

Future trends 

V-Trans will continue to evolve by adopting new technologies, emphasising sustainability, and adjusting to changing client expectations. Both technology and sustainability will be major trends in the future, driving developments in the sector of logistics.

These technology developments lead to increased production, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction

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