An Expert for Optimal Solutions for Warehousing

An Expert for Optimal Solutions for Warehousing

Bastian Solutions, a Toyota advanced logistics company, is primarily an integrator. To provide the greatest solution for our warehousing customers, we bring the best industry solutions from our suppliers, as well as producing our own branded product lines such as AMR, ASRS Systems, and robots, and now you can see AC and DC conveyor solutions to the trade, explains James Clark

Upcoming Ventures 

We attended the India Warehousing Show specifically to introduce our new production plant outside of Bangalore. Bastian Solutions is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of its new production plant in Karnataka, just outside of Bangalore. Bastian’s first production facility in India is planned to be completely operational by October 2023. 

Bastian, a prominent supply chain integration partner in the region, opened its first India-based office in 1996 and works with customers such as ITC, Jaquar, Asian Paints, Bajaj Auto, and others. Bastian has been engineering and producing its own line of conveyors in the United States since 2010. Its newest location will be the company’s first foray into India’s industrial ecosystem. 

With this facility, we are taking an important step towards achieving ‘atmanirbharta’ and paving the way for a stronger, more self-sufficient India. The new manufacturing site for Bastian Solutions spans approximately two acres. The initial hiring efforts at the facility will focus on mechanical and electrical engineers to support manufacturing, with the goal of further expanding their staff in the country. The property will be just outside of Bangalore in the Indospace area, making it an ideal location for distribution across the country. 

Bastian is introducing two conveyor options: the Roller Zero Pressure DC Conveyor (RZPDC) for heavy container loads and the Belted Zero Pressure DC Conveyor (BZPDC) for lighter loads. These types will be available alongside other gravity and curve roller conveyors, with plans to introduce additional equipment in the coming years. This is closely related to our sales office, which has operated in Bangalore for 17 years, and provides a significant boost to our sales staff by supplying a product that is truly manufactured in India. That’s what we’re most thrilled about, along with giving possibilities for engineers, technicians, and office employees to help expand our company and themselves. 

Experience at IWS 

Changing market dynamics are altering how businesses connect with their consumers and suppliers, pushing supply chain professionals to reconsider their strategies for providing business value. India Warehousing Show: A global warehousing, material handling, logistics, and supply chain event left an impression on the logistics sector. This event has been fantastic. 

We’ve had the opportunity to contact several of our current suppliers as well as connect with numerous new ones. We were able to demonstrate our new facility, which is exciting to them because they realised the necessity of producing a product in India for the Indian market, so this has been a very beneficial show.

With this facility, we are taking an important step towards achieving ‘atmanirbharta’ and paving the way for a stronger, more self sufficient India

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