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Unsung Hero

In the attempt to bring forth the unsung heroes of the industry, this time Cargo Insights discovered Joseph Olivero, Chief Technical Officer, Pronk Multiservice India.

The profile of a person whose life has affected and inspired others is featured in every issue of Cargo Insights, emphasising their amazing achievements. This time, we’re sharing K.S. Kunwar’s (Director General, Air Cargo Forum India, or ACFI) experience with you.

Each issue of Cargo Insights includes the profile of a person who has touched and inspired others, highlighting their extraordinary accomplishments. This time we bring you the story of Brijesh Kumar Gaur, Senior Manager-Exports & Logistics, Rahat Cargo.

Over 450 million people work in the logistics industry globally, but regrettably, even though they provide important services, they have never managed to gain attention, and the vast majority of us are unaware of the significance of the work they do on a daily basis.

While there are many well-known, influential, and famous people who have received recognition for their noteworthy accomplishments and are still receiving it, let’s not forget the many others who have made significant contributions and had a positive impact on their families and communities without receiving any honours or recognition on a global scale, much like warehouse workers are the unsung heroes of the modern economy.

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