Cargo Insights is the logistics industry trade media on cargo and logistics industry. It covers the latest news, industry expert opinions, associations activities and Government announcements around the globe via in-depth analysis, surveys and interviews.

We will connect clients to their target audience through our digital platforms that will enable them to expand globally in this digital era.

What We Offer

  • Web and Flash News , Latest News and Updates about the Industry
  • E Magazine
  • Daily Industry Insights
  • Webinars – Digital Panel Discussion
  • Round Table meet Physical/ Virtual
  • Live interviews of Industry Experts
  • Digital Marketing For Trade Partners  and Branding on our  Social Media Pages
  • Customized Branding Options

Our Vision

To create a platform that becomes a one stop solution provider for all the branding needs and serves as a B2B connector for all our associates.

Our Deliverance:

  • Keeping industry updated with ‘Latest News’
  • To bridge the gap between clients and their ‘Target Audience’
  • Serving our clients to evolve in this ‘Digital Era’
  • Creating a ‘360°solution’ based environment for our clients

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