Evolution of Logistics: Adapting to changing dynamics

Vivek Johri, VP (Sales & Ops) at iWay Logistics Services, narrates this piece that delves into India’s logistics, exploring tech-driven transformation, economic growth, and enhanced customer satisfaction for an evolving industry.

Navigating technological horizons: A vision for cargo industry evolution

Rajesh Menon, Regional Head – Cargo, South Asia, Middle East & Africa, Cathay Pacific Airways, discusses IoT, AI, and automation’s influence on cargo operations. The dialogue highlights their role in boosting efficiency, cost reduction, cybersecurity management, upskilling, and anticipating industry evolution.

Role of Automation in meeting evolving industry demands

Sandeep Bansal, Chief Business Officer, Falcon Autotech, explains how a technological revolution is occurring within intralogistics due to automation leading to improved effectiveness, self-directed functions, and customer-centric solutions in response to the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

Prominence and future potential of multimodal logistics

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, Country Head, Asia Shipping, sheds light on multimodal logistics, emphasising the importance of technology for integration. He also explains how government initiatives, along with India’s growth, offer promising prospects for the industry.

Enhancing ethical supply chains: A comprehensive approach

Bipin Kevadiya, the CMD, Ethics Group of Companies, explains how companies can deal with ethical challenges like forced labour, environmental sustainability, and transparency issues. He suggests a multi-faceted approach that includes using technology, collaborating with others, educating employees, and improving communication.

Air Cargo industry’s tech-driven transformation

An extensive interview with Amit Maheshwari, Founder & CEO, Softlink Global, exploring how technology empowers air cargo companies to efficiently handle e-commerce growth, reduce carbon footprints, manage cross-border complexities, enhance data security, and address skilled labour shortages in the industry.