A Chat with ACFI

Learn what the Air Cargo experts think about the pre and post-pandemic era.

Q1. Will the Air Cargo growth continue with the same trajectory as during the pandemic, or will it slow down?  

It will be on the same growth trajectory.

Q2. Is there any impact on tonnage of Air Cargo post-pandemic?

The pandemic has impacted the growth of Indian air cargo which could be seen in 2021-22 as 3.31 Million Mt as compared to 3.35 Million Mt during pre COVID period.

Q3. As an association, what are the expectations from the government in making Air Cargo more seamless and efficient?

MoCA is very serious about the development of the air cargo industry and has targeted 10 Million Mt for 2030-31. It has established a Cargo Advisory Group for development & future growth & mitigating the various challenges of air cargo logistics.

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