Railways to install AI-based facial recognition system

In a significant move to bolster security, the Indian Railways plans to deploy a facial recognition system (FRS) powered by artificial intelligence technology at major stations, including Patna Junction in the Danapur division of the East Central Railway (ECR). The FRS aims to strengthen safety measures by connecting with existing crime databases, aiding in the prevention of criminal activities within station premises.

ECR’s Chief Public Relation Officer, Birendra Kumar, stated that the initiative is geared towards providing airport-level security at key railway stations. With a daily footfall of around 3 to 4 lakh passengers, Patna Junction alone requires advanced security mechanisms. The Railway Board has identified nearly 200 stations for comprehensive security upgrades across the country.

The proposed security enhancements encompass FRS, luggage scanning, sniffer dogs, and random luggage checks to counter threats from terrorism, Maoist groups, and anti-social elements in Bihar and Jharkhand stations.

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