Nitin Gadkari inaugurates ‘Green Hydrogen Conclave’ in Mumbai

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has emphasised the importance of identifying and using cost-effective fuels that are also economically viable in order to reduce vehicular pollution. On May 25, the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister inaugurated the ‘Green Hydrogen Conclave’ in Mumbai.

The Union Minister stated that alternative fuels such as bio-CNG and green hydrogen not only assist in reducing pollution but also save a significant amount of money on fuel costs. He stated that India’s potential for green hydrogen is 5 million metric tonnes per year. He stated that it is the obligation of all stakeholders to make these fuels affordable to the public and to raise public awareness about the importance of using them. He stated that green hydrogen will be useless if it is too expensive, and he urged stakeholders to focus on keeping rates reasonable. In this regard, he stated that the government has made the effort to create riches from the garbage generated in our daily lives.

Niti Gadkari noted that the government is currently facing two major issues, one of which is the import of fossil fuels totaling lakhs of crores of rupees, posing a significant economic burden to the country. The other difficulty is reducing pollution. We have a big problem with air pollution, particularly in major cities, he noted. These are serious issues, he said again. He also stated that people are talking about decarbonization all across the world, which is essential in terms of climate change.

Gadkari stated that the vision of a self-sufficient India and a five trillion-dollar economy will be realised as soon as possible if more and more indigenous products that are cost-effective, pollution-free, and environmentally friendly are produced, providing alternatives to imports and reducing all types of pollution in the country. “Our dream is to make India an energy exporter,” he stated.

While we are working quickly on thermal power, hydro power, and wind power, the Union Minister also stated that we must consider nuclear power, which is a zero-emission clean energy source. The agriculture and energy sectors are critical, he added. The Union Minister further advised that many jobs could be created by combining agriculture with established technologies and the power sector.

The dignitaries present on the occasion included Ravindra Boratkar, President, Maharashtra Economic Development Council; Erik Solhiem, Green politician; Arne Jan Flolo, Consul General, Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Mumbai; Achim Fabig, Consul General, Germany; Dr. Yasukata Fukahari, Consul General, Japan; Manish Panchal, Event Chair, GH2 Conclave; and Shardul Kulkarni, Knowledge Chair, GH2 Conclave. The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy supported the event.

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