PM launches Vande Bharat Express’s inaugural run from Dehradun to Delhi

On May 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used video conferencing to flag off the inaugural run of the Vande Bharat Express from Dehradun to Delhi. He also dedicated newly electrified train lines to the country and declared Uttarakhand a 100per cent electric traction state.

In his address to the audience, Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated everyone from Uttarakhand on the first Vande Bharat Express between Dehradun and Delhi, stating that the train will connect the nation’s capital to Uttarakhand’s Dev Bhoomi. He stated that the journey time between the two cities will be decreased further and that the onboard amenities will provide a pleasant travel experience.

 In reflecting on his three-nation journey to Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, the Prime Minister stated that the world is watching India with high hopes. The Prime Minister emphasised that beautiful states like Uttarakhand should take advantage of the current circumstances in which people from all over the world desire to visit India. Modi emphasised that the Vande Bharat train will also assist Uttarakhand in making the most of this opportunity.

The Prime Minister recalled his visit to Kedarnath and his spontaneous declaration that “this decade will be the decade of Uttarakhand.” He lauded the state’s growth push while maintaining a robust law and order situation. The Prime Minister hoped that ‘Devbhoomi will be the centre of the spiritual consciousness of the globe.’ He stated that we must work hard to realise this potential. He stated that the number of pilgrims for the Char Dham Yatra continues to break old records.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister stated that the double-engine administration is devoted to the development of Uttarakhand and that the rapid development of Uttarakhand will support India’s rapid development. “The country will not stop now; the country has now caught up.” “The entire country is moving at the speed of Vande Bharat and will continue to move forward,” the Prime Minister said.

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