Dronamics cargo drone makes its maiden flight, setting path for future deliveries

The Black Swan, the company’s flagship aircraft, completed its first flight successfully at Balchik Airport in Bulgaria, according to Dronamics, the first cargo drone airline in the world, proving the potential for the logistics sector to improve product delivery efficiency.

Dronamics, a company dedicated to enabling same-day delivery for everyone, everywhere, was founded by two brothers who were looking for a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to distribute merchandise. This important accomplishment is the result of many months of ground testing and small-scale flights. Two commercial airline pilots operated the Black Swan remotely from the Dronamics ground control centre.

The company’s licenced cargo drone technology is now approved for use on commercial flights in Europe, which are expected to start later this year. These flights will provide the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, spare parts, and perishables industries with a quick and affordable option to satisfy changing customer demands.

“We’ve been working towards this flight ever since we initially envisioned what the Black Swan aircraft may look like. As the co-founder and chief technology officer of Dronamics, Konstantin Rangelov said, “We are happy to have made history today and to have proven the viability of our drone technology.

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