Atlanta-Based Ascend LLC Announces Acquisition of a New Georgia-Based McDonough Terminal

Ascend LLC, an Atlanta-based provider of middle-mile supply chain services, recently acquired the McDonough terminal in Georgia. This is in line with their vision for 2023, which includes expanding and growing the company in order to provide the best services to its customers.

Speaking about the acquisition, Brad Heisterkamp, President Asset Operations, Ascend, said,”The new facility will serve as an additional terminal for our operations and allow us to more rapidly respond to our local customer’s needs. It will also provide greater convenience and flexibility for our Georgia-domiciled drivers. Ascend continues to grow and find new ways to better serve our customers. The location was ideal—it positioned us to meet the growing demands of our existing local customers while also providing flexibility within our network optimization plan for the Southeast region. Our significant driver base in the greater Atlanta area also stood to benefit from the additional maintenance support, secure personal vehicle parking, and on-site operations personnel.”  

Further, he added, “Having access to ample, secure yard space nearby allows Ascend to remove friction from a customer’s operation in a variety of ways, including greater capabilities to handle peak volumes, stage freight as needed for more efficient routing, or by simply limiting unnecessary congestion at their facilities. A terminal strategically located outside of a metropolitan area reduces dwell time significantly. Taking back control of such a critically important piece of the business as time management is an absolute competitive advantage. Our intended use for the terminal also supports the need for a variety of driving roles ranging from local to regional to over-the-road, furthering our commitment to being an employer of choice.”

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