AAI approved for full-body scanner installation

The Public Investment Board (PIB) has granted clearance to the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to deploy full-body scanners at hypersensitive airports in India. These advanced scanners are expected to reduce passenger frisking time, cutting it in half significantly. Initially, the plan included installing 131 full-body scanners and 600 new hand baggage scanners at 43 airports managed by the AAI. However, following discussions among stakeholders involved in airport safety and security, it was decided to begin with the installation at four airports with the highest footfall: Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Goa. 

These scanners, based on millimetre-wave technology, can detect objects concealed on a person’s body. After evaluating the success of the scanners at these four airports, the technology is expected to be introduced at others. The move aims to enhance security while expediting the passenger screening process. The AAI manages 137 airports in India, including international, customs, and domestic airports.

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