Two new members join Cool Chain Association

Switzerland-based Lamprecht Pharma Logistics and France-based Logfret have joined the Cool Chain Association (CCA), further strengthening the association’s mission to enhance temperature-controlled supply chain operations.

Lamprecht Pharma Logistics specialises in providing logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals, including good distribution practice (GDP) warehousing, cool chain solutions, and global freight services. On the other hand, Logfret is an international freight forwarding company that offers digital solutions to optimise supply chain processes.

The addition of Lamprecht Pharma Logistics and Logfret brings valuable experience in managing cold chain risk, aligning with the CCA’s objective to improve temperature-controlled supply chains. 

“We look forward to taking our collaboration with them to the next level.”, said Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman of CCA. 

Logfret introduces NEOLink, a digital freight solution that empowers users to request and receive multiple rate quotes, track shipments online, analyze metrics, and monitor inventory in real time. It envisions creating a harmonious future in the industry, where like-minded contributions from members result in a more sustainable world.

“It is through the CCA that we hope to contribute our part towards a better society.”, said Gian Alessi, Managing Director of Lamprecht Pharma Logistics. 

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