Newland AIDC unveils Portable Data Collector for unorganised retail sector

Newland AIDC has recently introduced the MT37 Portable Data Collector, with advanced 6th generation technology, exclusively designed for the Indian retail sector to enhance inventory management. This innovative solution aims to bring standardisation and real-time data access to the unorganised retail segment, which constitutes a significant portion of India’s GDP.

Newland AIDC seeks to address the challenges of the unorganised sector due to limited resources and financial constraints faced by independent retailers, by democratising the retail segment through the MT37, enabling demand forecasting, optimised stock levels, and efficient replenishment management.

The MT37 features the pre-installed DCAPP software, enabling customization based on specific retailer requirements. Its compact design, 2.83″ screen size, 3300mAh battery, and Type C USB port ensure convenient usability.

It boasts a user-centric ergonomic design, ensuring comfort during extended work sessions. Equipped with a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, Android 8.1 system, and high-performance dual-band Wi-Fi, it provides excellent performance for retail users. The rugged housing withstands drops to concrete, while the device excels in barcode reading, thanks to Newland’s 6th generation chip capable of scanning damaged or low-quality barcodes with ease.

 “In today’s digitally driven world, the integration of cutting-edge technologies has become imperative for various industries. Our new MT37 portable data collector exhibits trusted support, real-time data and accuracy to expand asset monitoring solutions. We have used our 6th Gen technology that retailers can leverage to augment their business performance and profitability.”, said JP Mishra, Country Manager India of Newland AIDC. 

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