Schiphol Group acquires 40% stake in Maastricht Aachen Airport

On June 8, Royal Schiphol Group completed a significant deal to purchase a 40% stake in Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), and became the second shareholder in the airport alongside the province of Limburg.

This EUR 4.2 million investment solidifies a strategic partnership between Royal Schiphol Group and MST, with the aim of promoting sustainable growth and development of the airport. By joining forces, Royal Schiphol Group and MST will work together to share market intelligence, freight data, and collaborate on innovative approaches to cargo transport and handling. This partnership holds great potential for both airports, as they recognize the importance of cargo, valuable freighter slots, and global connectivity.

MST, the second largest cargo airport in the Netherlands, plays a significant role in contributing to the country’s economy. The collaboration with Royal Schiphol Group is expected to boost market confidence and bring added value to cargo partners at both airports. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, the aim is to drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the cargo industry.

CEO of MST, Jos Roeven said, “Freight is vital to our national economy, so this is a key moment not only for the Dutch cargo community, but also the Netherlands at large.”

The timing of this agreement is significant as MST has recently unveiled plans to expand its freighter capacity by extending the operational length of its upgraded runway to 2,750 metres by 2025. This expansion aligns with the shared goals of the partnership and demonstrates the commitment to meet the growing demands of the cargo industry.

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