Mumbai Customs Celebrates ‘60 Years of Customs Act, 1962’

The country is commemorating the 60th  anniversary of the Customs Act of 1962. On December 7, 2022, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) of the Ministry of Finance held an event at the New Custom House in Mumbai as part of the nationwide celebrations. CBIC Chairperson Vivek Johri inaugurated an exhibition on ’60 years of Customs and valuable items seized by Indian Customs over the years’ organised by Mumbai Customs.

The Chief of Staff of Western Naval Command, Vice Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, Mumbai Port Trust Chairman Rajeev Jalota, and Mumbai’s Commissioner of Police, Vivek Phansalkar, were also present on the occasion, along with officers and staff of Mumbai Customs. The guests adorned a photograph of Mumbai Customs official Bapu Laxman Lamkhade, the first Customs officer to receive the President’s Award in 1964, who was both feared and revered by Customs officers.

Inaugurating the event, the CBIC Chairperson said that the Customs Act, 1962, is a well-written, simple, and short law that has served us well. “Today’s celebration is about the Act, which we live and swear by,” he continued, recounting the Act’s journey and history. The Act was a synthesis of three different acts in use prior to independence. Despite several amendments that should be made to organic law, the Act’s fundamentals have been preserved; this is the Act’s beauty.”

“While we have come a long way in facilitating cargo, and our focus on revenue collection has been overtaken by other priorities,” said the CBIC Chairperson, “preventive or anti-smuggling operations are still a very important part of border management and border control in different locations of the country.” Our methods have evolved over time. With the help of technology, our targeting has become much more precise, and our passenger profiling has improved.”

The Chairperson of the CBIC honoured retired officials and distinguished veterans of Mumbai Customs for their distinguished service records that benefited the department and the country.

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