LP Logiscience inaugurates a multi-client Grade A Warehouse in Mumbai

LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistic arm of the legacy, inaugurated a state-of-the-art Grade A green warehouse in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. Spread over a private campus of 15 acres, with 5 lakh sq. ft. of storage space, equivalent to 30,000 pallet positions, it is one of the largest 3PL multiclient facilities in India and is equipped with the best in industry standards of fire and safety compliance. The warehouse is also equipped with infrastructure for sustainable resource management and can generate up to 500KW of solar power, and store up to 4.5 lakh liters of water through rainwater harvesting, and operates EV and CNG vehicles for green distribution.

Speaking about the warehouse and the journey of the brand, Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience, said, “This has been a passion project and, the way I see it, also the future for the state-of-the-art, storage solutions. I am extremely honored to have the support of an extremely talented team of expert vendors, especially our warehouse developers, who made this possible within the timelines and for the faith and trust that our clients put in us. This facility in Bhiwandi is one big step in this direction. Apart from solar power and rainwater harvesting for the warehouse, we also aim to impact the local community and share the surplus power to meet the requirement of our immediate neighborhood. In the coming months, we also aim to increase our presence in CNG and EV vehicles to further help build sustainable supply chains. ”

The warehouse also boasts many unique features, including 14 meters ceiling height, 42 loading and unloading docks, and a fleet of 10 EV and 10 CNG trucks for green distribution. Speaking about the design and the build of the warehouse, Sumit Mhatre, Lead Warehouse Developer, said, “We have

been in this industry for a decade now and have developed over 1.25 Cr. sq. ft of warehouse space in the Bhiwandi region. And so far, this LP Logiscience warehouse is one of the most unique warehouses that matches international standards of storage solutions, that we have had the honor to build. The list of requirements and the attention to detail and stringent compliance to safety standards is what made this a unique learning experience even for us.”

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