Falcon Autotech Launches a revolutionary ASRS Technology NEO to transform warehousing landscape

Falcon Autotech has recently launched its ‘NEO – An ASRS that everyone can own’ to transform the warehousing landscape into better. This fusion of artificial intelligence and leveraging robotics will enhance operational efficiency, enriched productivity, reduced costs, and smooth inventory management. 

It consists of five components, namely, NEObots, NEOgrid, NEObins, NEOit and NEOstations. This system seamlessly integrates storing and retrieving goods in an overlaid grid within the four walls of the warehouse without complex engineering, standing out with its cost effectiveness and adaptiveness from the traditional material handling systems. 

Some of the below mentioned essential NEO features make it exceptional: 

  • It has the ability of 3D movement and the bots can smoothly move in X,Y, and Z dimensions, without any need for elevators. 
  • The extraordinary modular structure provides freedom to grow as the company grows bigger. Companies can add more robots or bins, whenever needed. 
  • Enhancing overall flexibility, any bot can enter any aisle, access any bin, and reach any workstation. 
  • The automated tasks of retrieval and sorting raise the picker productivity by 4 to 5 times. 

“We are thrilled with the launch of NEO, our advanced ASRS technology in India. NEO is competing with the manual multi-tier shelving system, and we are proud to announce that our engineers, with six years of dedication, have cracked this engineering challenge. In NEO, the per bin storage cost today is similar to a multi-tier shelving system, which means with just a fraction of the additional cost of automation, our customers can enjoy the unparalleled ROI of this technology even in a low-labour cost market like India.”, said Sandeep Bansal, CBO at Falcon Autotech. 

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