Expressways Require Further Investment for Efficient Cargo Transportation

“There is a need to invest more in expressways in order to build safe and quick corridors for transporting products and passengers across the country,” says Ajay Mokariya, Managing Director, Shree Maruti.

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Expressways require further investment for efficient cargo transportation

Expressways are privileged routes that allow people and goods to travel across the nation. They guarantee an extremely controlled, secure, and quick flow of both passenger and cargo traffic. To regulate and guarantee swift and smooth movement, a lot of technology is employed, such as AI-based cameras.

Our towns and cities where the road infrastructure is poor need to be decongested more. To increase the viability of road transportation, we also need to keep constructing new highways, expressways, bridges, and tunnels around the nation.

Even though it is improving, India’s road infrastructure is still insufficient to manage the steadily increasing passenger and cargo traffic. Due to insufficient infrastructure, the ability to transfer cargo into cities is becoming increasingly limited to specific hours of the day or night. Since the technique used to pave roads still does not meet international standards, many of them are damaged by heavy traffic, especially during rainy seasons. To provide safe and efficient routes for moving cargo and people across the nation, more funding must be put into expressways.

The speed and accuracy with which cargo is moved across the road network are greatly influenced by the use of technology, such as automated sortation and handling equipment, route planning, and tracking using sophisticated AI-based tools and algorithms, including the use of robotics at various levels of warehousing.

Businesses must make sure that all products are handled, packed, and transported in accordance with national laws and standards. The road network is used to transport a variety of commodities, including cold chains and hazardous goods. It is important to move these products throughout the network carefully and safely to prevent external incidents.

The government and numerous stakeholders engage frequently, which has led to beneficial changes in the industry. This sector needs to continue to flourish as a result of interaction and involvement.

From an initiative standpoint, there are already some identified areas for improvement, such as accelerating traffic in toll plazas, improving road paving, and building more road infrastructure in major cities to decongest roads. If addressed sooner, these issues can significantly reduce the transit and dwell times for road borne cargo.

Even though it is improving, India’s road infrastructure is still insufficient to manage the steadily increasing passenger and cargo traffic

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