Delhi’s Electric Buses idle as City grapples with shortages

Over a hundred electric buses intended for Delhi’s fleet have been sitting idle at a Mayapuri depot, causing a shortage of buses in the city. These buses are part of a plan to introduce 1,500 electric buses by year’s end. One bus has been running on trial for 45 days but has encountered technical defects. The transportation department cited technical issues found during prototype testing as a reason for the delay. Minister Kailash Gahlot mentioned that registration, integration, panic button installation, and GPS setup take time.

An official acknowledged acceleration defects in the prototype and stated that tasks like registration and GPS inspection require time. Delhi urgently needs buses, as many are nearing the end of their lifespan. In April, around 330 cluster buses were taken off the road without replacements, further exacerbating the shortage. Delhi’s buses transport more passengers than the metro, with an average of 3.3 million. Currently, Delhi has around 7,000 buses under DTC and the cluster scheme.

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