Control Tower for Extra Value to Clients

FM Logistic in India is one of the key contract logistics companies. It has a presence over 100+ locations and manages 7.0+ million sq. ft. of warehousing space. FM Logistic entered India in 2016 following the acquisition of Spear Logistics. Companies in the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, E-commerce, Engineering, Telecom, pharmaceutical, and other industries are able to utilise their Warehousing and Distribution Logistics services.

Jean-Christophe Mache, the group’s CEO and a member of the family ellaborates, “we are a familyowned company, and I am a member of the seventh generation.” And for me, being in India today means I’m here twice a year, and India represents our long-term strategy when the business decided to enter India in 2016. Okay, it wasn’t for the next five years, but for the next generation— this generation. Because, as you may know, India is a continent-sized country. And we intend to be among the leaders in the coming years. And our team performed an excellent job last year. 

We must keep moving forward to increase our capacity capabilities, even though we are currently in the top three predicament positions. And now, with this integration, we can demonstrate to our clients how we can advance technology through digitalization to provide them with agility and performance. 

Motivations behind supply chain control tower 

Because we consider our mission to be supply chain optimisation, we have known for years that in order to optimise the supply chain, we must eradicate the nonvalue in the supply chain. To accomplish this, it is critical for every one of us to fill the truck, and to fill the truck, we have several methods to fill the truck with multiple clients inside the same vehicle or Trojanized exactly the pickup from different places to deliver one factory. So, with data, artificial intelligence, and new technology, we can now use this technology to assist people in their quest for tower control, and tower control is for us an example of how innovation, technology, and our employees can provide more efficient solutions to customers.

FM Logistic differentiates itself 

As a result, we invest in both digitalization and automation. This year, we will invest in a variety of automation projects. We intend to invest 30 million on five initiatives. One enormous one, worth 16 million euros. We invest in one of our customers and the rest in the product. Our plan is to invest in adaptable automation. Because it is critical for us to have automation capable of providing services to a small number of customers, it is also critical to provide our customers with flexibility and agility. So, we come up with a massive solution, especially on a bit-bybit basis. Okay, that’s a good two-month solution. And Rick has another project in the works. We have to do that because we are in the cosmetics industry. 

Stephane , Managing Director of FM Logistic’s activities in Asia and also in charge of the group’s global strategy, explains how FM Logistic intends to support its clients’ growth and expansion through these solutions via the control tower. 

First and foremost, we consider this control offer a place where we can provide added value to our clients. We can provide extra value since we have full visibility of the flows and can consolidate them even between various customers. So, we can optimise the trucks, the distance, and the end, which means efficiency, cost efficiencies, and a decrease in CO2 emissions because having trucks that are full with a better fulfilment rate and fewer trucks on the road means less pollution for India and less CO2 emissions. This is the first value addition. 

The second additional advantage is that because we manage everything for customers, we have a single point of contact. That is, they do not have to handle many providers because we manage for them. As a result, it is significantly less complicated for customers. And just so you know, value is being released to the service level via the system, and we are providing parts to factories. In South India, for example, if we miss, the factory may shut down, so you can understand the consequences. So, using these tools, we can foresee faults and delays, manage backup trucks, and manage peaks of activity to guarantee that the consumer receives excellent service.

Ensure seamless interactions and integration 

We have 80 percent GPS-equipped trucks, and everything moves digitally. We are keeping an eye on the 20percent of trucks that are still operating using apathy and, in reality, the driver’s phone. We now have one additional person. We can see the flow in real time. The customer’s tool is then entirely connected to our tools via EDI, API, and other means. So, with our tools, we have real-time information. We are constantly active due to our extensive data. We can manage this information and foresee problems, but we can also analyse the information and manage ongoing improvement after that. 

Leveraging control tower to drive innovation 

FM Logistic India’s MD, Ajit Jangle, implements FM’s ambitious strategy, which includes the deployment of multiclient and omnichannel platforms, the development of added-value transportation, and the digitalization of their operations. 

Okay, first and foremost, as I already stated, client needs are increasing significantly. Someone has been requesting earlier delivery for five days now. There’s a reason why this entire strain is on the supply chain of the organisations that are our clients. What we do is collaborate with them to determine where the bottlenecks are. And it is no longer the case; the logistics game is no longer about infrastructure. Infrastructure is an enabler today, but that is not the secret to success. The technology and the solution are key components of the winning recipe. The control tower is only one example of the technology we are developing; there are many others. We are also constructing a platform to enable flexibility, speed, visibility, and exception management. 

Consequently, getting on track takes longer than usual, but you must be aware of this as soon as feasible. Because of the ecosystem that exists in India and elsewhere in the world, there may be delays. However, how to move rapidly and assure optimisation within those delays is our key competency. As a result, you can plan something entirely different. Therefore, going forward, the control tower will undoubtedly assist us in offering that value proposition to our clients. 

Because we consider our mission to be supply chain optimisation, we have known for years that in order to optimise the supply chain, we must eradicate the nonvalue in the supply chain.

FM Logistic intends to support its clients’ growth and expansion through these solutions via the control tower

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