CargoTech invests in CharterSync for expansion

Investment and development organisation CargoTech has made a strategic investment in CharterSync, the cargo charter portal, as part of its growth plans. CharterSync recently launched comprehensive updates that streamline the end-to-end process, prompting the need for team expansion. Ed Gillett, co-founder and director of CharterSync, expressed the company’s focus on expansion and recruitment in the upcoming year.

The company intends to hire additional sales personnel and in-house developers to accelerate their technological advancements. During a recent interview, Gillett hinted at ongoing discussions with a potential investor to support their expansion goals. CargoTech’s investment not only provides financial support but also enables collaborative developments and cross-selling among its members. For instance, CharterSync has already integrated CargoTech member Wiremind Cargo’s SkyPallet into its solution.

CharterSync is one of five members of the CargoTech group, which aims to drive digital transformation within the air cargo charter segment. The group plans to convene for the first time in October 2023 to further develop the CargoTech product roadmap. The investment from CargoTech bolsters CharterSync’s position as an industry innovator, propelling the air cargo charter industry toward digitalisation and improved operational efficiency.

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