WebCargo enables interline partnerships for Airfreight bookings

WebCargo by Freightos, the airfreight booking portal, now allows carriers to offer the services of their interline partners through its platform. The interlining feature was successfully tested with a shipment carried out by Qatar Airways Cargo on an ITA Airways flight.

Freightos highlighted that code-sharing constitutes around 10 percent of all itineraries in the passenger travel industry. However, interlining in air cargo has been underutilised due to manual processes that take 24-48 hours to complete. With the introduction of digital interlining, airlines can enhance capacity utilisation, expand global coverage, and explore new business opportunities. 

Manel Galindo, CEO of WebCargo by Freightos, emphasised the significance of real-time pricing and booking capabilities for air cargo, enabling quicker transactions compared to the traditional waiting period. Carriers can join the interline platform as buyers, sellers, or both, regardless of their existing presence on WebCargo.

The platform offers flexibility and aims to simplify the interline function for airlines and their customers. Further developments and functionalities are being planned, with more carriers expected to adopt interlining through the platform in the coming months.

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