Warehouse Worth $50 Million To Be Set Up Near Port Charleston

2022 saw a boom with respect to cold storage companies. Not only did their profits increase substantially but also, their expansion into the previously unventured terrains was exponential. And even in the case of FlexCold, it was no different.

Considered one of the leaders in revolutionising cold storage warehousing with their end-to-end expert solutions, FlexCold recently established its first facility in North Charleston,  on Patriot Boulevard. This marked their first cold storage location in South Carolina and the second facility in the United States. It is also expected to create many employment opportunities for the people of South Carolina.

In an attempt to lay a firm foundation, FlrxCold recently announced their plans to set up warehousing facilities worth $50 Million. They said, “We are thrilled to be expanding our footprint by establishing operations within a modern cold storage facility strategically located close to the Port of Charleston. We’re proud to further add to the economic development of the area in a meaningful and tangible way by helping meet the need to accommodate critical import and export business, specifically seafood.”

Barbara Melvin, President, and CEO, S.C.Ports, said, “SC Ports have significantly upgraded their refrigerated capabilities to efficiently handle more frozen and fresh products for the growing Southeast consumer base. FlexCold’s investment will complement these efforts and further enhance the cold chain in South Carolina. This innovative facility will expand the ability to move more frozen products, such as seafood, through the Port of Charleston.”

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