Vector Global Logistics launches a New Show Freight and Special event shipping service

Vector Global Logistics, an award-winning logistics company, has announced its expansion into show freight and special event shipping. They recognise that events, concerts, and trade exhibitions provide important and memorable experiences for their clients, resulting in genuine value and outcomes, and see this as yet another opportunity to serve them well.

“Our service may be in the form of shipping and logistics, but what we strive for is producing ROI for clients that contributes to their bottom line,” explains Enrique Alvarez, Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Many of our clients are already in this space, so successfully executing show freight and special event shipping on their behalf allows us to be an extension of their team, which benefits them both in the short and long term.”

Conferences, trade shows, and special events are significant investments with a lot of opportunity. However, with all the moving pieces, there are also a lot of places where things can go wrong—costing time, money, and even reputation. The Vector team understands that attention to detail is key in situations like these, and clients need a partner who can navigate potential challenges en route to the destination.

Their promise is to walk with clients every step of the way and support them in delivering an unforgettable experience without compromising on quality or budget. The result will not only be an outstanding event, but clients will feel a sense of pride in what was accomplished, be more prepared and confident for their next event, and they will have found a dedicated show freight partner who will not leave them on their own, hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly.

Additionally, as with all Vector shipments, a portion of the proceeds goes back to helping those in need.

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