Tata Steel Completes First e-Transaction-Based Shipment to Turkey

Tata Steel is the sender of the shipment, and Tatmetal Elik Sanayi Ve Ticaret is the recipient. The deal concerned the bulk shipping of steel coils from Dhamra Port to the Turkish port of Karadeniz Eregli.

The original eB/L was managed through CargoDocs, the digital trade platform offered by essDOCS. All crucial actions, including drafting, collaborative review, signing, issuing, endorsing, and surrendering, were carried out online via the single, secure platform, removing the need for emails and laborious manual processes and significantly speeding up the trade. In particular, the original electronic bill of lading (eB/L) was transported throughout the chain in less than 48 hours, as opposed to the days or even weeks needed in a conventional paper-based transaction.

The company used eDocs to lower the danger of counterfeit paperwork, improve trade transparency and visibility, eliminate the requirement for charterers’ Letters of Indemnity  (LOI), and save a lot of time and money.

In order to create seamless and secure ways for suppliers and consumers to communicate, Rajeev Singhal, Vice President (Marketing & Sales) Flat Products, Tata Steel, stated the business will continue to make supply chains more agile.

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