Sustainable Aerowash: AISATS introduces India’s first robotic cleaning technique

Embracing sustainable solutions, AISATS, with its innovative technology, has contributed again through its ‘AeroWash’, a robotic-driven system to efficiently clean the exteriors of aircraft. The system guarantees superior cleaning results along with safety, time efficiency, and minimum human intervention while providing a holistic solution for aircraft maintenance. It also claims to save costs, fuel, and a lesser carbon footprint.

“The absence of standardised procedures and heavy reliance on manual cleaning systems have posed significant challenges in India. AeroWash will transform aircraft cleaning practices, ensuring higher efficiency and reduced resource consumption. The new addition to our service exemplifies AISATS’ dedication to sustainability and our relentless pursuit of advanced and eco-friendly solutions in the aviation industry,” says Sanjay Gupta, CEO, AISATS.

 Having introduced multiple sustainable options in the Indian aviation sector, AISATS commits itself to dedication to such sustainable practices.

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