Edition 1: ‘Solution de Technology, Automation & Robotics’ to be held on July 21

Edition 1 of ‘Solution de Technology, Automation & Robotics’ conference will bring together industry stakeholders to share, collaborate, and address their insights on the fostering technologies that are constantly shaping the logistics industry. To be held on July 21, 2023, at Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi, it will highlight the practical implementation of these technologies.

As the logistics industry evolves through data analytics and AI, the integration of these two technologies poses major challenges. The conference aims to address these challenges through careful planning, standardised communication protocols, and robust data management practices.

 Divided into three sessions: “Transforming logistics with automation”, ‘Robotics revolutionising logistics’, and ‘The power of technology in logistics optimisation, this conference will emerge as a response to the rapid growth and evolving needs of the industry. It will drive innovation, enrich operational excellence, and propel the logistics industry forward.

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