Seamless Expressway upgrade revolutionises Mumbai-Pune travel

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is undergoing a significant transformation with the nearing completion of the much-awaited ‘Missing Link’ by July 2024. This addition will bypass the hazardous ghat section and reduce travel time by nearly 30 minutes. Around 85 percent of current expressway traffic is expected to utilise the new route.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is spearheading the prestigious project, which includes constructing the world’s widest twin tunnels and the country’s tallest cable-stayed road link. Toll charges will remain the same, but motorists must pay for an additional 15 years. Other ongoing augmentation projects will further reduce travel time by almost 90 minutes, allowing commuters to reach Pune from Mumbai’s Worli district in just 90 minutes. 

Despite a 22-month delay, the project is on track for completion by mid-next year. The construction progress is 71 percent complete, with tunnel work reaching 90 percent. Advanced construction techniques and safety features, such as evacuation joints and automated systems, are being implemented. The transformed Expressway will offer improved signal connectivity, advanced ventilation, and continuous power supply. This project signifies India’s engineering prowess and will redefine travel convenience, safety, and the overall commuting experience.

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