Persevering for a Better Tomorrow

Persevering for a Better Tomorrow
Sharmila Amin

Speaking on the pertinent question of male dominancy in the industry, Sharmila shares that while the number of women in logistics is really very low, the problem is in understanding the value for shareholders, customers, and society that could be created with a better gender balance in the increasingly critical supply chain.

“Although the industry continues to be male-dominated, and the change you mention is painstakingly slow, we all persevere for a better tomorrow,” she says.

She highlights that the ratio of Women to Men is roughly 1:4 or 25 percent of the workforce, and only 17 percent of partners in member firms are women. “I would like to invite more young women to challenge themselves to transform this industry.”

Her journey to date has been as challenging as inspirational. She reminisces, “Executing difficult jobs excites me. Handling those jobs in the male-dominated oil and gas sector was a challenging professional move. The opportunity came when not many professionals were keen to work on the HBJ oil pipeline. I grabbed the chance to prove myself, persevered, remained steadfast, and eventually succeeded.”

She pulls our attention to the advantages that women have in the logistics industry. “Women have a strong determination. However, their ability to connect and lead people with compassion and empathy makes them stand apart in logistics.”

Speaking on the pros and drawbacks of working as a woman here, Sharmila points out, “Being a woman in a male-dominated business has not been a major problem as I have earned the respect and confidence of my peers. I achieved this because of inspiration from my seniors and colleagues, whom I respect deeply and derive strength from. Then, one gets a sense of achievement by becoming a pioneer in the field. The only major drawback is the lack of a fair amount of women’s representation in the field.

She believes that industry peers and business leaders encourage and mentor women. “Plus, the central and state governments have initiated many women-centric development programs. This has encouraged more women to contribute to the Indian economy and our industry.”

Sharmila drives inspiration from her father. Talking about him, she opens up, “My father was one of India’s pioneers in the Construction Industry, and his role in my career success cannot be underestimated. I was eventually able to leave a mark. I also received knowledge and experience at Airfreight Limited and NS Guzder and Company that was crucial to my success.”

Having opened the doors of opportunity for women in this field, Sharmila encourages the next generation of female professionals to take up careers in this industry. She shares, “The work is hard but fruitful and rewarding. Being your own boss comes with responsibilities and the ability to take chances. But the satisfaction is greater at the end of the day.

Women’s ability to connect, lead people with compassion makes them stand apart

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