Packaging a Key Element to Transportation

Packaging a Key Element to Transportation

The Sender is required to deliver to the Contractor products that have been packaged for shipment in a way that ensures the cargo’s safety, the Sender’s transportation safety, and the vehicle’s protection. The inclusions must be protected from access, and the necessary markings must be kept. For the majority of shippers, cargo packaging becomes a major difficulty when transporting goods across long distances by land, air, or sea. Finding the proper packaging that ensures product protection and safety while offering a practical, cost-effective way to stack cargo in a container can be challenging. It takes extensive investigation and expertise to select the appropriate cargo packaging type. 

How much do you believe that packaging is crucial when shipping products by air freight?

Without suitable and airworthy packaging, your priceless items are constantly at risk of arriving in damaged condition and may not even be worth anything when they get to their destination.

What are the most crucial elements to take into account when transporting items in packaging?

Following are some of the key elements to be kept in mind, while packaging goods for transporting:
1. Mode of transportation (I assume airfreight in this question).
2. Weather conditions at origin, transit & destination.
3. Packaging material should withstand weather factors like heat, rain, snow & moisture.
4. Packaging material used should match the legal & environment requirement of both origin country & destination country.
5. Suitable for forklifts.
6. Marking & labelling.

Packaging material used should match the legal & environment requirement of both origin country & destination country. Sturdiness to withstand rough handling & that too multiple time.

Are there any specialised packing courses available? Does this subject have enough training facilities?

The primary institution for specialised packaging training is the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP). They have operations in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and will shortly begin in Bengaluru as well.

There are a select few reputable engineering institutes in India that provide B.Tech. programs in packaging in addition to IIP. 

What role does your company play in the industry’s need for packaging solutions?

We have a presence on a pan India basis. Consequently, we can offer solutions to numerous sectors throughout India. Presently, we focus primarily on serving the following sectors: railways, aviation, heavy engineering, cars, oil & gas, power & energy, food industry, etc.

We play a vital role in designing strong, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective packaging solutions for our clients’ valued items by selecting the appropriate packaging materials. Additionally, we contribute significantly to execution by offering technical assistance, supplies, labour, and material handling equipment. Simply put, Pronk is your one-stop shop for all of your industrial packaging needs. 

Is the airport’s current infrastructure up to the task of handling properly packaged goods? Or do we require more?

There is undoubtedly a huge need for more. Just to give few examples,

1. The majority of airport cargo terminals do not currently have X-ray equipment to check cargo packed in large boxes.

2. The majority of airports lack specialised forklifts for handling cargo loaded on slip sheets, primarily pharmaceutical and food items.

3. There is no sufficient infrastructure accessible inside cargo terminals to fix damaged boxes that have been mishandled or transhipped at the airport.

In order to handle any last-minute repairs or provide fresh packaging and lashing materials in case of any damages or concerns, airport cargo terminals should offer small stores to professional packaging companies inside cargo terminals.

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