Nitin Gadkari announces 10 NH Projects of Rs. 8000 Crore in UP

The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has announced the foundation stone for 10 NH projects in UP. Focussing on the construction of Pratapgarh-Musafirkhana section, five NH projects worth Rs. 2,200 crore are declared for Pratapgarh region, and five others worth Rs. 6,215 crore are for Deoria region in Uttar Pradesh. 

Gadhkari informed that the travel time between Pratapgarh and Prayagraj will be reduced via Ayodhya. Widening the 43 km National Highway 330 with a budget of Rs. 1,290 crore, from Pratapgarh to Sultanpur, will allow the same. The 14 km bypass construction in Pratapgarh is also starting soon at the cost of Rs.309 crore. 

It will enhance the road safety on National Highway 31 by introducing bus shelters, street lights, etc. to it. Pratapgarh-Musafirkhana section’s construction will help increase the development of different industries including dairy milk, bottling plant, gas plant, and cement plant, further creating employment opportunities.

Finally, he informed that the Deoria project of Rs.1750 crores, constructing 22 km bypass will be awarded in August 2023. All these projects along with connectivity with Bihar will benefit backward areas Deoria and Gorakhpur. 

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