Mumbai-Goa Highway widening project faces persistent delays

The Mumbai-Goa highway widening project, which began in 2012, continues to face delays despite promises of completion by December. While some sections are ready, approximately 90 km in the south Konkan region are yet to be finished due to pending land acquisition issues and the construction of flyovers, bypasses, and underpasses. Activists express doubts about the project’s progress, stating that it may take at least two more years.

Concerns are raised regarding the disparity in completion time compared to the Nagpur-Mumbai super expressway. NHAI officials divide the Panvel-Indapur stretch into two sections, aiming to complete one by November and the rest by June 2024. However, funds depletion and contractor changes have further contributed to the delays. Collaboration between state and central agencies is urged to fulfill the court-promised completion by year-end.

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