Micro Warehousing and Micro Fulfilment Is the Need of the Hour

Micro Warehousing and Micro Fulfilment Is the Need of the Hour
Chandrakala, Director, Bobba Logistics

“There is room for all kinds of players and different models for different solutions in a huge country like India, where the demand for warehousing is always there and the mindset toward warehousing, which is an unorganised sector. Every type of player in this industry has a place in our country,” says Chandrakala, Director, Bobba Logistics.

The best way to set a standard is to provide cutting-edge facilities and streamline all services in this unorganised sector, making it more organised, technologically advanced, and service-oriented.

Freight, or the movement of goods, is essential for the smooth operation of an economy and will always be so. The proximity of warehouses to cities, and thus the time required to deliver essentials to locations or city centres, is the biggest challenge in this sector right now. This urgency stems from the increased demand and shortage of supply during COVID, as well as how necessities of day-to-day life at home were impacted during the lockdown. How can we overcome them? Micro warehousing and micro fulfillment are the needs of the hour.

  • It is the best possible utilization of available space that can cater to a wide variety of businesses.
  • It can ensure faster deliveries.
  • Better inventory management leads to more efficient reverse logistics.
  • Smaller boxes with a bigger vision can be the answer to traffic woes.

Every logistics solution will only contribute to the country’s overall growth. Warehouses are commonly referred to as go-downs. However, if one wants to be considered a serious player in the market, the traditional methods of a godown must be upgraded with appropriate processes, technology, and other amenities. Manpower is always required for such setups. It all depends on the staff’s training and how they are educated on managing and handling such warehouses. 

Every logistics solution will only contribute to the country’s overall growth.

The following characteristics define a Grade-A warehouse:

  • Semi-automated to fully automated, smaller warehouses
  • Faster delivery with fewer employees
  • Location is critical
  • Better inventory management is not negotiable
  • Efficient reverse logistics management
  • Seamless distribution of goods

The pandemic has brought attention to both the value of cargo for airlines and the difficulties of working in a largely manual environment. The employment and training of staff to oversee the intricate procedures that guarantee cargo is stacked and delivered securely on planes remains a challenge for ground handlers. Undoubtedly, automation is a solution to this issue. We have implemented customised solutions such as biometric access control systems with Morpho wave technology and face recognition, advanced surveillance systems to improve monitoring, and applications to control vehicular movement, resulting in shorter overall dwell times.

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