Largest vessel docks at Kolkata’s Haldia oil jetty

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Syamaprasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata, welcomes its largest vessel, 'M.T. Clearocean Ajax,’ with a record naphtha load.

The Syamaprasad Mookerjee Port in Kolkata, India, recently achieved a significant milestone as it welcomed its largest vessel to date at the Haldia Oil Jetty (HOJ) in the Haldia Dock Complex (HDC).

The Monrovian-flagged vessel, named ‘M.T. Clearocean Ajax,’ arrived with an impressive 48,111 metric tons of naphtha cargo. This marked the highest-ever parcel load of naphtha for HPL.

The vessel embarked on its journey from Port Mina al Ahmadia in Kuwait, carrying a total of 82,271 metric tons of naphtha. After unloading approximately 34,160 metric tons at Visakhapatnam, it continued its voyage to HDC.

This achievement was met with great appreciation, with SMP Chairman Rathendra Raman highlighting the port’s 8.7-meter draft and its longstanding position in Indian major ports for over 153 years.

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