Asian businesses embrace tech for last-mile logistics: Locus report

Quick Summary

The report captures a comprehensive analysis of responses from businesses from India, the UAE, Indonesia, and other Asian countries across key last-mile logistics metrics.

Locus has released a new research report – Decoding Asia’s Last-Mile Maturity, uncovering valuable insights about the current state of last-mile logistics in India, Indonesia, the UAE, and other Asian countries. 

The report reveals that 79 percent of businesses across Asia are harnessing the technology to enhance their last-mile efficiency, but a staggering 84 percent lack confidence in their processes to drive growth and enhance customer experiences.

The report unveils the performance of the businesses across five key logistics metrics, including Last-Mile Excellence, Customer Experience, Workforce Empowerment, Advanced Analytics, and Sustainability. 

Some Key Findings

  • India emerges as a leader in Advanced Analytics with a score of 3.59 out of 5, pointing to the growing reliance of businesses on big data analytics and other new-age technologies. 
  • India excels in Workforce Empowerment in the last-mile logistics with 3.42 out of 5, indicating that the businesses are investing in and leveraging robust tech solutions.
  • The UAE leads in Last-mile Excellence with an impressive score of 3 out of 5. Infact, a whopping 70 percent of the UAE businesses are embracing multiple last-mile technologies, reshaping customer expectations.
  • In Customer Experience scores, the UAE leads with an average of 3.73 out of 5, surpassing the industry average of 3.53, followed by India, Indonesia, and others. 
  • The UAE again leads in Sustainability with a score of 4.16 out of 5, followed by India at 3.78, while Indonesia falls below the global average at 2.55.

Furthermore, the report offers vital industry insights into 3PL & CEP, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and other sectors. It highlights a common trend where sustainability, though considered strategically important, often lacks comprehensive follow-through. Specifically, carbon emissions tracking is overlooked in 3 out of 5 industries.

Overall, the analysis shows that 49 percent of global organisations lack confidence in tracking sustainability metrics to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

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