Kerry Logistics uses a sorting robot to increase efficacy in fashion e-commerce

The “KOOLBee” sorting robot is an intelligent and adaptable sorting solution that improves logistics operations’ efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Since November 2022, the KOOLBee roll-out has occurred in stages at the logistics centres in Hong Kong, Tianjin, and Dongguan. The robots have the advantage of being readily deployed, modified, and scaled up, considerably enhancing the accessibility and flexibility of sortation automation compared to typical fixed automation. They also only need a limited area to operate. The productivity of sorting as a whole has increased by 270% thanks to KOOLBee.

Samuel Lau, Managing Director, Integrated Logistics North Asia, of Kerry Logistics Network, said, “The fashion e-commerce industry is rapidly evolving, and consumers’ expectations for fast deliveries are getting higher every year. KOOLBee is our latest robotics roll-out under the ‘KOOL’ banner to optimise sorting operations and bolster order fulfilment efficiency according to the specific needs of each customer. It has proven beneficial in supporting customers in handling enormous orders during seasonal peaks and promotion-driven shopping sprees. Following this launch, we are set to utilise this technology for other customers and verticals.”

Kerry Logistics Network is a firm believer in the benefits of technological advances in enhancing productivity, increasing agility, and adding value to customers’ global supply chains. In 2021, KLN launched both KOOLBotic and KOOLBay, innovative technologies that are dedicated to cold chain logistics operations in the F&B industry. KLN is constantly exploring technological innovations and solutions to future-proof its operations, increasingly adopting automation to secure its place in the future of logistics.

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