In this fiscal year, Railways plans to begin hydrogen train trials: Lahoti 

According to Anil Kumar Lahoti, efforts are being made to start testing the nation’s first hydrogen train as soon as possible. Given that the development of a hydrogen train is a new technology both internationally and for the nation, the Indian Railways is striving to execute the project efficiently rather than imposing particularly stringent deadlines, he said. “The Northern Railway has already awarded the contract to develop the hydrogen train, and work is underway on it,” he stated.

Hydrogen train technology is still being developed globally; therefore, we aim to start testing it in this fiscal year in the nation. As we become more familiar with this new technology, we will advance on this front, said Lahoti. He stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had already declared the country would run 75 Vande Bharat trains and that the railways were now operating three of them on average each month to carry out this plan. The departmental meeting called to examine the ongoing rail projects in and around Indore was attended by the chairman of the Railway Board.

Lahoti is alleged to have gone over the plans for the rebuilding of the Indore railway station, the broadening of the Mhow-Khandwa rail line, and other projects, and he gave the go-ahead to the necessary officials to expedite the work.

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