Guardforce AI Signs Two Contracts for Secured Logistics Services With Well-Known Clients

Singapore-headquartered Guardforce AI Co., Limited is a leading technology logistics provider, specialising in the fields of secured logistics, AI, and Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS). It has recently inked two long-term contracts with already established clients to provide them with best-in-class Secured Logistics Services. One of these is a five-year contract with Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited (“DMT”) for setting up Guardforce Deposit Machines (GDM) at key toll plazas and providing cash handling, cash-in-transit, and coupon counting. The second is a 3-year contract with one of the most renowned retail chains in Thailand, providing cash-in-transit and counting services for its major chain of stores.  

Talking about the same, Olivia Wang, Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, of Guardforce AI, commented, “Guardforce AI has been operating in the secured logistics market for more than 40 years in Thailand, and we are dedicated to providing innovative and efficient cash solutions for our clients. The fact that these two clients expanded their scope of services with us and moved to long-term, multi-year contracts with us further validates our exceptional service. Besides strengthening our position in the market, the relationships we maintain with our clients provide us with a solid foundation to expand into other business sectors, such as robotics. With the lifting of pandemic restrictions and the recovery of the economy in Thailand, we are confident that both our secured logistics and RaaS business lines are poised for significant growth within Thailand.”

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