Godown or Warehouse: What’s Your Cup Of Tea?

Godown or Warehouse: What’s Your Cup Of Tea?

So when someone mentions a storage facility, do you immediately think of large, dingy spaces, lots of gunny sacks lying around, and people moving boxes and crates around amidst a whole lot of confusion?

Then you need to think again. Imagine a brightly lit space with boxes and crates neatly stacked up. With nothing lying around haphazardly, forklifts are easily manoeuvred and quietly do their thing. Before you know it, goods have been sorted, packed, and shipped off in trucks.

Welcome to the new age of logistics. The foundation is still the same, but now it is more adaptable. We at the Bobba Group believe that everything tangible around us is there because a supply-chain professional put it there.’ The supply-chain industry is the guardian of inventory and material handling. If something moves, it’s because we moved it.

So the main questions are: Godown or warehouse, box or microbox, FC or micro fulfillment, warehouse or microwarehousing? Clients often say that they want the best facilities, which should be top-of-the-line, but end up asking for all this and more at go-down-level pricing.

The pandemic exposed everyone to the importance of faster deliveries and the need for quicker turnaround times. The need of the hour is a solution that offers a one-stop logistical advantage for your business. End to end. And all this comes at a premium cost. But what businesses like ours promise will be worth the cost. There are few micro-fulfillment centres that offer third-party logistics (3PL), complete with value-added services.

It’s time to move up from a smaller, less expensive godown that can store a smaller quantity of product to larger warehousing solutions equipped with advanced technology, ideal for storing goods in large quantities.

But your business is doing just fine, so why disturb this supposedly well-oiled machine? Because someone has taken the trouble of thinking ahead for you. And your business. Here is how a warehouse can benefit your business and, in turn, your bottom line.

Increased Cost efficiency: increase storage capacity within the same place vertically and accommodate more shipments in the same space.

Increased storage space: goods can be stored at different levels, creating more storage. Space and capacity without taking up additional floor space in non-rackable areas. Storage for longer durations when stacked in racks is a comfortable option.

Better inventory management: go vertical and use the height of the warehouse. This helps in the easier and better management of inventory and returns. It also offers a better stock check of what comes in and what goes out. Value-added services can be provided smoothly and at ease.

Better turnaround times: easy access to shipments for operation of inbound and outbound, minimising the time needed to locate goods, and improving the speed of order fulfilment as per client request.

Lesser downtime: enable efficient tracking and shipments for inventory so one knows where their goods are at all times. Products can be easily tracked and delivered on time, every time.

There are few micro-fulfillment centres that offer third-party logistics (3PL), complete with value-added services

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