Formulation of an Adjudicatory Board for Major Ports Notified

On November 3, 2021, the Major Port Authorities Act of 2021 became effective. The Major Ports Adjudicatory Board Rules, 2023, created under the aforementioned Act, were published in the Gazette on January 17, 2023, by the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways. Two members and a presiding officer make up the adjudicatory board. The two members shall either be retired Chief Secretaries of State Governments or their equivalents or retired Secretaries of the Government of India or their equivalents, and the Presiding Officer shall be a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India or a retired Chief Justice of a High Court. On the recommendation of a Selection Committee made up of the Chief Justice of India or his designee, the Secretary of the Department of Personnel and Training, the Secretary of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, & Waterways, the Presiding Officer, and Members of the Adjudicatory Board shall be appointed.

The government has started the process of creating the adjudicatory board in accordance with the aforementioned rules. The Tariff Authority for Major Ports will disappear after the Adjudicatory Board is established.

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