Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh receives India Responsible Leaders Award 2023

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, the Country Head of Asia Shipping International Transport, has been conferred with the distinguished ‘India Responsible Leaders Award 2023’ for his exceptional commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) leadership. The accolade, presented by India CSR, stands as a testament to Dr. Singh’s unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable business practices and positive societal impact. 

The India Responsible Leaders Award celebrates individuals who exhibit exceptional dedication to driving positive change across both corporate and community spheres. Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh’s visionary leadership at Asia Shipping International Transport has been instrumental in creating an organisational culture that seamlessly integrates ethical practices and sustainability into every facet of operations. Dr. Singh expressed his profound gratitude, stating, “I am deeply honored to receive the India Responsible Leaders Award 2023. This recognition underscores our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices. At Asia Shipping International Transport, we believe in harnessing our resources to create a lasting positive impact on society and the environment. This award further energises our resolve to continue our journey toward a more sustainable and promising future.” 

Dr. Singh’s strategic guidance has enabled Asia Shipping International Transport to consistently demonstrate a strong commitment to nurturing a culture of responsible business. His leadership has also been pivotal in aligning the company’s operations and strategic decisions with ESG principles, thereby setting an inspiring example for the industry. The India Responsible Leaders Award underscores the broader importance of responsible business practices in today’s world. Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh’s recognition not only reflects his own achievements but also highlights the profound influence that exemplary leaders can have on creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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