Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh Named “Business Mentor of the Year 2022”

Big industrialist conglomerates are regarded as economic pillars. However, the performance of small and medium-sized businesses should never be overlooked. These SMEs contribute more than 29per cent of the GDP and account for approximately 50per cent of total exports. 

The MSME India Business Awards, organised by Industry Live in collaboration with Moski Traps, radio partner Red FM 93.5, and media telecast by Zee Network, aimed to recognise the efforts and contributions made by these small and medium-sized enterprises. The event was held on October 15th at The Leela Ambience in New Delhi. The star-studded event featured the presence of prominent corporate personalities who captivated the audience with their valuable insights. The platform recognised honourable speakers for their presentation on bridging supply chain gaps for MSMEs at the MSME India Business Convention. Vineeta Hariharan, Public Policy Expert and Former Chief of External Missions at the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises stressed the importance of making MSMEs competitive. At the MSME India Business Convention, panelists from HCL, Honeywell, IIT, Niti Aagyog, FICCI, Vmentor, and Pristyn Care delivered a powerful discussion on #MSMEs and the Rise of #DigitalInclusion. Abhishek Bhaskar, the host, and entertainer, captivated the audience with his beatboxing and groovy dance moves.

Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh, who is currently the Country Head of Asia Shipping India Pvt. Ltd., was named “Business Mentor of the Year 2022.” He was honoured as a Shipping & Logistics Expert, Social Entrepreneur, Country Head-of Asia Shipping, and Chief Advisory Board-Corporate Affairs, at Daksh Foundation. Dr. Singh has received prestigious awards for his expertise in logistics and shipping from Bharat Shree, Bharat Gaurav Shree, Icon of Asia, and Indian CSR Awards. He has been in the trade for more than 22 years, and his expertise has improved business processes and helped industrials reform their processes.

He believes in “Never give up on something you believe in.” He admires diligence, tenacity, and dedication. Allow yourself enough time to keep moving forward until you reach the peak. Similarly, things take time to happen. People frequently fail because they lose patience in the middle of a task. Dr. Singh confirms that at this point in time, your strength and determination are critical to achieving your desired goal. He is also well-known in the Delhi NCR for his philanthropic activities as the Chief Advisory Board-Corporate Affairs of the Daksh Foundation.  

He works tirelessly for our seniors’ health, social security, and overall well-being. On his “The RDD Show” talk show with Ridzdimedarrell, he emphasised “Those who try hard, never lose” and shared his personal experiences in the industry.

He has established a standard in the logistics industry and elevated the fraternity to new heights. His professional journey is epic in scope and leaves an indelible imprint.

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