Digitization is the Need of the Hour in Logistics Industry

We caught up with Mr Ashish Asaf to probe his thoughts on digitisation in the Logistics industry. Read his expert opinion.

Mr. Ashish Asaf, Group Managing Director, S.A. Consultants & Forwarders

We believe whatever can be digitised should not remain manual. It’s time for airlines to digitise their pricing and integrate with the IATA freight forwarders’ systems to bring uniformity and transparency in the freight forwarding community. 

Most freight forwarding companies already have their own ERP systems which airlines can directly integrate their pricing with and give the freight forwarding community a  fair chance of succeeding.

Also, we would like to highlight that there have been instances in the past where we have received wrong information (specifically service-related) from the digital platforms of the carriers, as the actual situation is completely different from what is being served digitally to us. 

We believe that these system glitches are an obstacle in doing business efficiently in today’s era of digitisation.

However, a slow but steady start towards digitisation has now begun in the logistics sector. Organisations have also started upskilling their employees with specialised training to sustain in this digital era.

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