Chattanooga’s Freight Alley Welcomes Veritas Logistics

Home to around two dozen freight brokers and shipping companies that facilitate operations globally, the Chattanooga area has earned the title of ‘Freight Alley.’ Interestingly, of the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies in 2022, 11 logistics companies are from the land of Chattanooga. Owing to its strategic location, more and more companies have been wanting to lay their foundations here. And this time, it is nine other than Veritas Logistics.

Danny Cotellese, the CEO of the newly launched Veritas International in Chattanooga, in the telephone interview, said,  ”I have worked on the purchasing side of shipping as well as being a freight broker, and I think we come at this with an experience level and commitment to be more transparent and to work strategically in a way that best helps the customers.” He continued by saying, “Veritas is a company founded on the principles and needs of the freight industry. Through a consultative approach, we have been able to achieve massive savings with compliance training and our own logistics experience.”

Adding to it, Dustin Hottub Blevins, president of domestic sales and operations, at Veritas Logistics, said, “The past two years have been hard on shippers, with the stress of delays and rising costs. Building that much-needed trust with shippers and carriers alike is paramount to providing long-term relief for the woes that have faced this industry. Honoring commitments and being transparent about our operations were the reasons our CEO founded Veritas International.”

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