Amazon Bolsters Its Fleet of Airbus A330s by a Impressive Addition of 10 New Aircrafts

Amazon proudly announced an addition of 10 new aircrafts to its A330s fleet which will get operational in the latter half of the year 2023. During this time these aircrafts will be converted from passenger planes to freight carriers. Been into existence since the last six years Amazon Air now has a fleet of above hundred aircrafts, along with air hubs at major destinations across geographies like the US air hub at Northern Kentucky International Airport.

Mentioned and reiterated often by the officials of Amazon Global Air, it is critical to the core of the organization to reach out and connect with its customers across the globe. It is a great responsibility when people rely on the organization to provide them their essentials and other necessities while they worked from home. This accountability became manifold during the challenging times of the pandemic. Hence Amazon Global Air worked consistently to be perspicacious system that can rise to unexpected perils as well as carry on everyday business duties.

The new acquisitions A330s are not just the first of their kinds, they also happen to be the newest and largest aircrafts in the Amazon Global Air fleet ensuring larger capacities in terms of package deliveries.

The new aircraft are to be leased by aircraft lessor Altavair and they will also partner with Hawaiian Airlines which will operate and also undertake the maintenance of these new aircrafts. Hawaiian Airlines has their fleet of A330s which they operate and maintain very successfully. The aircraft, leased from aircraft lessor Altavair, are currently undergoing passenger-to-cargo conversion and will be the first A330 freighter conversions to operate in the US when they enter our network in late 2023 was shared by the officials.

These associations and acquisitions herald the next phase in the journey of Amazon Global Air.

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