Addition of Three Leased Airbus A321 Freighters by Teleport

With the arrival of three leased Airbus A321 freighters from BBAM, Teleport is growing its fleet.

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Addition of three leased Airbus A321 freighters by Teleport

With the arrival of three leased Airbus A321 freighters from BBAM, Teleport is growing its fleet. By adding this to the belly capacity offered by more than 200 exclusive AirAsia passenger aircraft, Teleport, the logistics arm of Capital A (previously AirAsia Group Berhad), now has a total of four freighters in its fleet. Each A321F leased from BBAM has a maximum cargo capacity of 27 tonnes per flight. AirAsia will operate the three A321F aircraft, which will begin to arrive in phases in the first quarter of 2023.

 With the A321Fs in its fleet, Teleport is now able to load containers on both the main deck and the lower deck. These narrow body freighters are anticipated to cater to Southeast Asia’s expanding market demand as well as that of the entire Asia-Pacific region.

“It is a timely and strategic move on our part to complement our exclusive AirAsia passenger belly planes with a cargo network to broaden and reinforce our enhanced capacity for major markets like China and India into Asean,” said Pete Chareonwongsak, chief executive of Teleport.

We will have a unique “many to many” network advantage to service our customers in this region because of the integrated fleet approach with multi-hub freighter and belly operations.

“E-commerce continues to be the primary factor stoking the region’s and Teleport’s air cargo growth, particularly with major growth in areas such as international cross-border e-commerce and expedited shipping,” says the company. Francis Anthony, director of commercial cargo at Teleport, added: “With the arrival of these freighters, we now have more skidding cargo capacity available for important markets like China, allowing us to load larger, pre-packed cargo securely.”

These three freighters will be seamlessly positioned across AirAsia’s core markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, thanks to the unique AirAsia network, which grants Teleport access to a multi-hub operating model. “This gives Teleport the flexibility to use the distinct geographical advantages and air traffic rights of each hub-country and to meet any conceivable aspect of regional demand. Our service offering will put us in a special position to better serve more market segments when combined with our broad network of narrow and wide body passenger planes in the area.”

Last year, Teleport launched its first specific freighter.

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