Vidarbha’s River Linking Project drives logistics growth

According to former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Vidarbha will soon have the option of sustainable irrigation through the Wainganga-Nalganga river linking project. He expressed confidence that this project, once completed in the next few years, will eliminate water scarcity in the region. This initiative is expected to eliminate water scarcity in the region and contribute to its growth. Fadnavis emphasized the efforts of the central and state governments in making Vidarbha a thriving hub for logistics, industry, and economic prosperity. He highlighted the significance of projects like the Samruddhi Expressway and the upcoming Nagpur airport, which will bolster the region’s development and stimulate the state’s economy. Fadnavis expressed his dedication to fast-tracking the progress of Vidarbha, ensuring that it emerges as a leading destination for logistics and overall socio-economic advancement.

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