Uttar Pradesh to establish Inland Waterways Authority

The Uttar Pradesh government, under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, is set to establish an Inland Waterways Authority to promote and regulate water transport within the state. This proposed authority, known as the Inland Waterways of Uttar Pradesh, aims to enhance passenger and freight transportation across rivers. Inspired by the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), the new authority will operate independently with its own office and infrastructure.

Transport Commissioner, Chandra Bhushan Singh highlighted the potential for expanding water transport, especially considering the success of similar initiatives in Varanasi. The proposal, which will soon be presented to the cabinet for approval, includes enacting a law to outline the authority’s powers and functions.

The Inland Waterways Transport Authority of Uttar Pradesh will collaborate closely with boat operators, cargo handlers, and other stakeholders to establish standardised practices and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Emphasising the importance of infrastructure development, the authority plans to construct terminals, jetties, and navigational aids to facilitate seamless water transport operations.

The government’s vision includes improving connectivity between regions, industrial zones, and major cities, with a focus on enhancing hinterland areas. This initiative aligns with the efforts of other states like Kerala that have successfully implemented similar bodies to promote water transport.

In the words of transport commissioner Chandra Bhushan Singh, “Water transport has already begun in Varanasi, and we believe there is immense potential for expanding it to other rivers and water bodies. Shallow water cruises present further opportunities.” The proposed Inland Waterways Authority of Uttar Pradesh aims to revolutionise water transport, fostering economic growth and connectivity within the state.

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