Tech-enabled Logistic Companies are Pioneering Last-mile Delivery Services

The last-mile delivery process is the most expensive and challenging aspect of e-commerce shipping operations. The final stage of the transportation process is referred to as the “last mile,” or “final mile delivery.” Last-mile delivery is achieved when an order is picked up from the city’s centre and delivered to the customer.

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Tech-enabled Logistic Companies are Pioneering Last-mile Delivery Services

Consumer behaviour has been irrevocably changed by online shopping, and the eCommerce revolution has been greatly aided by last-mile delivery services. The most expensive and complicated part of e-commerce shipping operations is the last-mile delivery process. The main obstacles to ensuring a seamless last-mile delivery experience are delayed orders, failed deliveries or delivery exceptions, a lack of an adequate order tracking system, etc. Last-mile delivery begins when an order is picked up from the city’s centre and concludes when the order is delivered to the customer. Enclosed are some of the key logistics players that are pioneering the last mile in India.

iThink Logistics

In India, 26,000+ pin codes are served by the end-to-end AI-enabled multiple courier aggregator shipping platform known as iThink Logistics. The company’s cutting-edge online portal has a built-in channel that links with numerous reputable courier partners while also being connected with marketplaces or online stores using APIs (for importing orders). Additionally, the technology provides real-time shipment tracking updates.

The technology additionally offers real-time updates on shipment tracking. The features that iThink Logistics offers are as follows: a dedicated key account manager, an insightful dashboard, and a patented six-step NDR. The Mumbai-based company was conceived by industrious individuals with a far-sighted vision for the Indian e-commerce market and logistics ecosystem.

The company now has 5000+ satisfied customers, an exceptional daily volume of 26,000+ shipments, a comprehensive reach to every region of the country as evidenced by the 26000+ pin codes served, and territorial coverage of 180 countries.

On Move

On the Move is a company that offers long-distance, high-speed trucks with technology. The company’s operations began with the goal of providing high-quality service to time-sensitive vehicles in industries such as e-commerce, courier, pharmacy, retail, etc. Since the company’s inception, people with a contemporary attitude have been working in the trucking industry with the intention of bringing many new groundbreaking technologies to India. The company, which was founded in 2015 and began operations in 2016, is now spread across the country because of its creative and resourceful core team.

TCI-Transport Corporation of India

The TCI Group, India’s largest provider of comprehensive multimodal logistics and supply chain solutions, has annual revenues exceeding Rs. 5000 crores. TCI consistently seeks to enhance current systems, procedures, and productivity as “Leaders in Logistics.” TCI Group has expanded its horizons to offer seamless multimodal transportation solutions in both Indian and international markets. With expertise spanning more than six decades and infrastructure consisting of an extensive network of 1500+ company owned offices, 13 million sq. ft. of warehouse space, a strong team of 5500+ trained employees, and a strong foundation.


A cutting-edge technology firm called Locus is tackling one of the most complex challenges in the world’s supply chains: last-mile logistics. Through sophisticated optimisation algorithms and user-friendly workflow automation, Locus’ order-to-delivery dispatch management platform assists organisations in transforming their last-mile logistics operations into growth centres that delight customers. Founded in 2015 and backed by GIC Singapore, Qualcomm Ventures, Tiger Global, and Falcon Edge, Locus has helped a wide range of customers globally across industries—including Unilever, Nestle, Bukalapak, The Tata Group, BlueDart, and more—execute 650 million deliveries across 30+ countries across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, ANZ, and the Indian subcontinent.

The most expensive and complicated part of e-commerce shipping operations is the last-mile delivery process.

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